Fred B. Henning

Loyola University, Chicago, IL, BSE
Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, MPA

Additional College Level Courses:
University of Chicago
Wright City College
College of DuPage
Harper College

*** Retired 9.11.2012 ***

Employment Experience:

Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Elk Grove, IL (1978 to 2012)

Senior Technology Analyst (8/96 to 9/2012)
The Senior Technology Analyst is responsible for enterprise wide systems integration, systems architecture and special projects.

Additional Positions at Alexian Brothers Medical Center:

Director of Information Systems (1/89 - 8/96)
The Director of Information Systems reports to the Corporate CIO.
The Manager of Application Support, Manager of Data Center Operations and Manager of Networking and PC Support report to the Director of Information Systems.

Significant accomplishments:
Develop an IS strategy to implement new systems
Plan and direct the conversion from EDS/PHS systems to hospital wide HBOC HIS contract signing to live in 8 months
Initial Live - Order Management, Pharmacy, Radiology, Patient Registration, Medical Records, AP, GL, Patient Accounting, Nursing, Payroll, Human Resources
Post Live - Advanced Nursing, Materials Management, Laboratory
Plan and direct the implementation of a UNIX/Novell Open Systems environment
install fiber optic backbone and level 5 LAN wiring
install WAN to off site facilities
install multiple Synoptic concentrators
install multiple departmental and Office Automation application servers
Integrate all servers onto one IPX-TCP/IP network
Develop a 3 year IS Strategic Plan to support the Hospitals Strategic Plan

Director of Communications (10/79 - 92)
The Director of Communications reports to the Executive VP of Finance.

Significant accomplishments:
Direct the post-live implementation and environment of a Northern Telecom VLE digital telephone system
establish internal procedures to controls costs
initiate a for-profit telephone service for physician offices
initiate a for-profit physician Answering Service
initiate self maintenance for telecommunications, audio, video, MATV, CCTV, radio paging

Director of Media Services (10/79 - 90)
This position was simultaneous with the Director of Communications position.

Significant accomplishments:
Develop an in house Color TV production studio for patient education

Director of Safety (1/78 - 91)
This position was simultaneous with the Director of Communications position.

Provide counsel to the Medical Center relating to Federal, State and Municipal codes and standards
develop and provide safety related training and educational programs for all staff

Village of Elk Grove, Elk Grove, IL (1970-1979)

Communications Officer/Lieutenant/Inspector

Manage Municipal Telephone and Radio Communications
act as communication resource for all municipal departments
develop RFPs, monitor communications contracts

Manage Municipal Fire Alarm Center and operators
hire and supervise communications operators; municipal fire alarm office
establish policies and procedures relating to the operations of fire department communications
prepare communications budgets
prepare multi year communications plans

Fire Department Officer (Lieutenant)
act as a fire suppression company officer

Fire Inspector
Perform building/occupany inspections, review plans for NFPA Life Safety,
Alarm and Extinguishing Systems compliance as well as BOCA and Municipal Code compliance.

Significant accomplishments:
install the first non-AT&T telephone system for a municipality within the Illinois Bell Telephone Co service area
developed nationally utilized training program for fire inspections
establish computerized fire/ambulance reporting system

Cor-Plex International, Chicago, IL (1967-1970)

Senior Staff Engineer
review all project plans
assist sales staff
act as a technical resource for project engineers and technicians
Engineer and Project Manage
microwave communications network, TV studios, security systems
Design custom electronics including;
variable gain video amplifiers, digital vertical interval video switching, high resolution video camera system, high security alarm systems, etc.

Chicago Educational Television Corp. (WTTW), Chicago, IL (1965-1967)

Management Technical Supervisor
Manage WTTW Recording Services; a for-profit entity which provides video to film and related services.
Significant accomplishments:
developed the first commercially successful single CRT color film recording system for positive and negative film

Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute, Chicago, IL (1959-1965)

Experimental Engineer, Electronics

Communications & RADAR Division
missile electronic countermeasures; test and evaluate electronic jamming techniques, develop electronic circuitry to support this effort, Blue Scout satellite program; develop a prototype 33KMz radio frequency lens for satellite and missile tracking. This was the first such device which was able to produced text book RF wave shaping

Computer Sciences Division - Cognitive Systems Simulation Laboratory
develop electronic circuits to allow, real time, human interaction with a UNIVAC 1105 digital computer and other computers, including voice recognition, phono EKG recognition, analog sketch pad data entry, real time simulation and control to protect silo housed missiles against earthquakes and nuclear explosions

Additional experience:

Adler Planetarium, Chicago, IL, Lecturer
Astronomical and Space topics

Significant accomplishments:
develop Satellite tracking timing systems
develop automated Celostat control system
develop a coordinated education program with Chicago Public Schools
develop Adult Education classes on topics such as Celestial Navigation, Radio Astronomy, Satellites, Methods of Teaching Astronomy

Alexian Brothers Health System, Elk Grove, IL, Consultant
Consultant on Codes/Standards Compliance, Communications, Alarm Systems for Alexian Facilities as well as those contracting with ABHS for Management Services

Harper College, Palatine, IL, Instructor
Fire Service Management, Hydraulics, Municipal Water Supply, Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Fire Suppression and Detection

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Lecturer
Lecture at Colleges and Universities as part of a NASA program to educate teachers concerning Astronomy and the US Space program

Thornton College, Harvey, IL, Instructor
Digital Circuits, Introduction to Digital Computers, Digital Computer Programming

Private Consulting/Engineering Services
Provide consulting and engineering services relating to:
Alarm Systems, Audio, Communications, Computer Programming, Digital Circuits, Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Telecommunications, Video, National/Municipal Building/Fire Codes and Standards, JCAHO standards.

Presentations I have given:

NASA assignments included:
Brentwood College, Long Island, NY
Brown University, Providence, RI
Catholic Teachers College, Providence, RI
Providence College, Providence, RI
Rhode Island College, Providence, RI
State College of Mass., Worcester, Mass
State University of New York, Oswego, NY
University of Main, Orono, Main

Museum of Science, Boston, Mass
Society of Industrial Nurses, Groton, Connecticut
Worcester Science Museum, Worchester, Mass

1992 ISLUA Conference, Anaheim, CA - June 1- 4, 1992
Self Maintenance: are you a candidate?

SPUG Conference, New Orleans, LA - November 6 - 8, 1994
STAR SQL Processing and Downloading:

TIMES Conference, Atlanta, GA - May 5 - 8, 1995
User Tools: downloaded data - what do I do with it now?

Health Data Management, September, 1995
Starting Engine Saves Money

Conference on Realwear in Healthcare, Washington, D.C. - June 25 - 28, 1995
Interface Engine VS Interface Tool! What is the difference?

Electronic Health Records Conference II, San Diego, CA - September 7 - 9, 1995
Interface Engines: driving communications between different systems and sites.

TIMES Conference, Fort Lauderdale, FL - September 30 - October 3, 1995
MicroScript: the FTE you never knew you had!
The Value Added Network:

EU96, Harrogate, England UK - March 18 - 20, 1996
Interfacing, Integration and More: MicroScript the tool with many faces.

TIMES Conference, Atlanta, GA - April 11-14, 1996
User Tools: MicroScript and other tools

International MUSE Conference, San Francisco, CA - May 28 - June 1, 1996
Interface Engine and Interface Tools: what are they and how can they help?

HealthCare Computing Conference and Expo, Hershey, PA - July 14 - 17, 1996
Data Integration: more then just the Interface Engine.

Windows on Healthcare II, Las Vegas, NV - September 17 - 19, 1996
Enterprise Data Integration using an Interface Tool and Engine.

TIMES Conference, Palm Desert, CA Sept. 30 - Oct. 3 1996
Implementation of Client Server Technology
Managing Downtime
User Tools: MicroScript and other tools

Corporate Work at Home Seminar, Elk Grove, IL October 18.1996
Work at Home for Medical Transcriptionists - can it work for you?

Vendor Sponsored Seminar - Enterprise Data Integration using an Interface Tool and Engine.
Birmingham, England January 28, 1997
Limerick, Ireland January 30, 1997
Dublin, Ireland January 31, 1997

HIMSS Conference, San Diego, CA Feb. 16 -18, 1997
Interface Engine VS Interface Tool! What is the difference?

Health Care Internet Symposium, Tampa, FL March 16 - 17, 1997
Getting Started with Intranets: formulating a strategy

TIMES Conference, Toronto, Canada, May 4 - 6, 1997
New Technology
The Users View of NT
Managing Downtime

Merging Clinical & Financial Data in Integrated Delivery Systems, Chicago, IL June 4 - 6, 1997 Sponsored by the Institute for International Research
Applying Data Integration Tools to Drive Communications Between Different Systems & Sites

Healthcare Computer Conference Salt Lake City, UT July 12-15, 1997
What does it Really take to Integrate the Enterprise?

TIMES Conference, Orlando, FL September 21-24, 1997
HL-7 and Laboratory Integration

MicroScript International Users Conference, Boston MA November 7-8, 1997
Building a User Organization
The many faces of MicroScript at Alexian Brothers Medical Center

Illinois Clinical Laboratory Science Association, Oakbrook, IL April 20, 1998
HL-7. What is it? How does it fit into Enterprise Integration.

InSight (HBOC Users Group) Conference, San Diego, CA September 19-23, 19998
New Technology
Effective Use of an Intranet

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Extended Business Office Application
HBOC STAR Screen Generation Issues

Windows on Healthcare IV, Orlando, FL October 11-14, 1998
Interfacing Healthcare Applications Using ActiveX Technology

InSight, HBOC Users Conference, Nashville, TN August 22-25, 1999
Internet - The Whole Shebang

InSight, HBOC Users Conference, Nashville, TN August 22-25, 1999
Using MicroScript to Automate, Implement and Integrate

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De-Bugging Interface Projects

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Automating, Interfacing & Integrating 10 Years of Success

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Internet/Intranet/Extranet The Access Revolution

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Internet/Intranet/Extranet A Forum:

InSight Conference, Nashville, TN October 16-18, 2003
Scipting Saves Time and Money