Internet/Intranet/Extranet The Access Revolution


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Internet/Intranet/Extranet The Access Revolution

Alexian Brothers Health System

Alexian Brothers Medical Center

This is NOT about the Alexian Brothers Home Page

The Schedule said this is about:

Alexian Brothers of Illinois - Intranet / Extranet:

Internet Connection:

What Clouds are in your Sky?

Internet Technology is the Key:

From ArpaNet to Internet:

There must be a reason !

‘The’ Internet is more then WWW


Internet Topics:

What is the BIG Issue?


What about Internet speed! Do you think you need more then a T-1?

Our Portal:


The Hidden Costs:

What does Internet Access Cost ?

Who took over my PC?

Where did all the disk space go?

Internet Access Login:

You Must Login:

Policy Status !

Administrative Policy:

How to get Administration involved! So they won’t review your Internet policies!

Internet Management System:

Looking for Bad Words !



The Firewall, Security's First Line of Defense

When is it Safe?

How does this apply? a HIPAA issue

How do you Lock the Door?

VPN Users:

VPN Access Diagram:

If you can’t see the Firewall?

Intranet, VPN Issues:

Virtual Private Network Client:

Encryption Theory:

Encryption Reality:

Using Internet Technology Internally:


Do you need a Web Master?

<HTML> Hypertext Markup Language the Universal Language of the WWW

View of test.htm

Provide a Browser View of Your World:

An ASP solution

Data Conversion & Interfaces, my specialty since 1959:

Accessible Data:

Taking Control of Your DATA:

Where do I get the Data?

Screen Scraping / VB Example

The Browser View of the Data

A Browser View!

Browser Terminal Emulators aren't enough!

Browser - Virtual User html presentation:

Active Web View Projects:

Live Census Data !

HL7 Queues Monitor Web View:

EBO Monitor:

Emergency Guidelines:

Employee Handbook:

Custom Documents:

Education & Training:

Synquest Main Menu:

Who can have a Home Page (site) ? departments,staff,MD

Is the Internet the way to:

No Guarantees with the Internet!

IP Telephony:

Video Vocabulary

Is there a Standard? Audio or Video

Sample of Video

Napster, et. al. :

Fred Henning Sr. Technology Analyst

Author: Information Systems 101


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Other information:
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