The IIT Research Institute Era
In 1959, when I started, it was the Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology.

Another view of the RF Lens testing for the Blue Scout Nosecone Satellite
The skyline is downtown Chicago from 35th and State.

The UNIVAC 1105 computer

facing the computer and I/O consoles and to the right

facing left from the cosole
looking at the GEDA +/- 100 volt Analog Computer,
Power Supply and interface cabinet, strip chart recorder.

facing to the rear
looking at the main digital to analog and analog to digital conversion components
of the Cognative Systems Simulation Laboratory

When Tubes were used

and a Drun was fast access.

Convering data - UNIVAC to/from IBM 7094

Analog to Digital / Digital to Analog Conversion

GEDA +/- 100 Volt Analog Computer to/from UNIVAC

One of our projects was to plot possible paths for 'space probes' through the Asteroid Belt.
These computer generated images represent 1000 of the largest asteroids.
Note these are 3D representations and were generated in about 1963 by a UNIVAC 1105 with 32k of CORE (RAM) memory.
We were able to view the asteroids at any 'moment' in time from a position in space away from the earth.