By Fred Henning 7.98

Remember the new Un-interruptible Powers Source (UPS) we installed in June? IT WORKS! Within a week ComEd power went down for a short time and so did most of the Hospital but all of the systems in the Data Center remained functional, thanks to the new UPS.

Many people questioned why we were running an emergency generator the week we were removing the old UPS and installing the new one. Why didn't we just use the hospitals emergency generators? Two reasons: One; if we had our systems on normal power and they switched to emergency when ComEd failed - the few seconds of no power would cause our computers to crash. The second reason is the noise, and shaking from running the very large generator in the basement of the Brock Building for a week would be objectionable.

The smaller unit outside did the job and to prove the need to have it - ComEd did have a power failure that affected the hospital but not the Data Center.