By Fred Henning

Internet access has been provided on over 200 PCs. We have received many comments on the value of having Internet access. The Information Resources Office Automation group has provided Internet training for Physicians and Nursing. They are presently working with Br. Jim, a new member of the IR Team, on a house wide Intranet/Internet educational program.

Internet access is an activity that presents a dilemma - ease of use versus security and accountability. The nuts and bolts issues have been solved. We have a Firewall, Internet Management Software and an approved Administrative Policy on Electronic Communications, which covers the Internet, Intranet and e-mail.

Internet access can be used and abused. ABMC is experiencing the same issues every other large corporation that provides Internet access experiences, and this requires us to provide more controls.

We are in the process of converting our Internet Management Software, so that ALL Internet access will require you to login with a unique User Name and Password. The present Management Reports are by individual PC, the change will provide reports by user. The users can be grouped by department, physician, entity, etc.

We have set up Internet Access so that you will go through an Internet Login Screen. This screen has the following statement.  

Internet access is provided for business use only!

Users shall observe ALL Policies and Procedures.

ABMC monitors and reports to Management the Internet

surf time as well as the specific sites visited.

The browsing or downloading of any obscene or offensive

material is strictly prohibited!

When logging into the Internet Manager I agree to abide by

the above statements and Internet Policy.

Note that this is a live Link to the Administrative Policy. If you have a Browser on your PC just Click on the Link to view the Policy.

Internet Management Reporting Software records the URL of each individual page accessed, the user logged in, the PC used, time, etc. We have dictionaries of key words and URLs set up that will flag certain sites as not being appropriate and/or not accessible. These could be ESPN, XXX, etc. Special Reports are produced for this type of access. Other reports identify the top 20 users in length of time spent surfing, the top 20 sites viewed, etc. The software actually has the ability to read each page accessed and check for key words!

Just as ABMC expects you to maintain confidentiality we, in Information Resources, follow the same rules and therefore have limited access to the information from the Internet Management System. When inappropriate use is identified the information is brought to the attention of the Director or Manager responsible for the PC or user that appears to be involved.